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IDAC Logic develops computer information technology and provides process optimization consulting services to the manufacturing process industry. Our innovative data-acquisition and diagnostic process information technology enables us to effectively troubleshoot and optimize automated production processes and identify key improvement opportunities.

Statistical analysis of panel weight variation used to optimize OSB (Oriented Strand Board) process

We transform raw production process data into business intelligence

Our technology solutions can help you:

  • optimize and performance-tune automated production processes
  • troubleshoot and resolve problems
  • identify new improvement opportunities
  • maximize uptime and production levels
  • reduce product variation and improve quality
  • reduce production costs and minimize waste
  • improve productivity and maximize the return on existing assets
  • make business decisions based on facts and data
  • gain a competitive advantage
  • achieve operational excellence
SPC control chart displaying thickness variation in OSB (Oriented Strand Board) panels

We have many years of hands-on manufacturing process experience, giving us a unique perspective in the development of process optimization and information systems. Our innovative computer technology tools overcome the inherent limitations typically found in OEM and off-the-shelf software packages.

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